Richard Rivera (DJ Capicu)
Tampa, Florida

1.What or whom inspired you to be a Salsa DJ?

Let me start off by saying that I am not a DJ in the traditional sense of the word. That is that I never have played
music for an event or party and received monies for it. But having a radio show of my own has always been with
me since, I guess, I was 10 yrs old and lived in the projects. I used to hang with a group of around 15 kids and we
used to play war or secret agent. To be able to play we had to have walkie talkies. And since the reception was
very good in the area my close friend and I used to play music from my bedroom and transmit over the walkie
talkies at a predetermined time and the other friends would tune in. I'd play music and do talk show material or
interviews with my friend.

After I got married I'd be in charge of playing music, in my apartment, whenever we had our friends over for dinner
or a party. I was always showcasing new music and would have an actual playlist made up after giving it much
thought and consideration.

I listened to the legends of radio back in the day...Dick Ricardo Sugar, Joe Gaines, Symphony Sid and Paquito
Navarro. But believe it or not it wasn"t until last year that I became acquainted with Jose Calderon and he asked
me to send him enough music for a show, of my musical selections, because he liked my concept on a Facebook
salsa group I had created 3 weeks prior. So Jose Calderon is the one that inspired me to even consider being a
radio host.

2.Why did you pick your DJ name?

LOL. Before I read this question I had no name. But It would have to be DJ birthname. And also
because of Dick Ricardo Sugar.

3. At what point did you realize you had enough music to pursue DJing seriously?

As of Tues. 4/5/16 at 8:10 AM.

4. Name 3 of your favorite band or artists of all time?

Wow, hard question...but Ray Barretto has to be #1. Loved all his incarnations and always sounded great live.
Ruben Blades has to be next, for sure. And 'Ive always liked Orquesta Yambu. There you have it. That was hard.

5. What qualities must a song possess in order to make it to your playlist?
It all depends on what type of song it is. If its a song to dance to, it has to be running on all cylinders. Good
percussion and a good brass are always good to have. The bass, though, is the first instrument my ear focuses
on.If the bass is good then the song is usually good.And of course the melody has to be on point as well. Now on a
ballad the lyrics have to have special meaning and the melody has to be memorable and provoke emotion.Now
there is the occasional tune that will produce tears and or goosebumps. Those are great as well. But what is real
rare is the song that is meant to dance to and you wind up crying while dancing to it because it musically and
spiritually me.

6. What other types of music do you like aside from this genre?

Any music that sounds good to my ear and my soul I like. I mean I like cool jazz, latin jazz, rock, R&B, country,
fusion...I mean I could get into anything just so long it sounds good. I'm very open minded.

7. Who are some of your favorite salsa DJ's past or present?

The aforementioned Dick Ricardo Sugar, Joe Gaines, Symphony Sid and Paquito Navarro, Vicky Sola and Jose of
course, whom I consider as a mentor.Also Johnny Conga, Roberto Heredia and Andy Harlow all from the Miami

8. Every DJ has a bucket list of goals as a DJ. What is one of yours?

All I want to do is be in a position to help keep he music alive by playing the new salsa that is out there and not
being promoted the way it should. But we need new ears, young ears to be attracted to this musical genre that is
changing as we speak.

9. If someone were to talk about you as a DJ, what would they say?

He's so passionate, very passionate about the music.And he has a great ear for the music.

10. What does being a Salsa Warrior mean to you?

First of all its an honor. Its an honor to represent the genre and promote it the way that it should...with respect. Its
also an experience to be able to share with like minded individuals the beauty,elegance and power of the music as
well as all its facets.
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