Andres Padua (Mr. Hard Salsa)
New York City
1.        What or whom inspired you to become a salsa DJ?
I was inspired in 2005 when I discovered mainstream radio DJs were not playing my Salsa.  Mainstream radio
stations were not even playing much Salsa Romantica which I am not that crazy for.   So I began my own radio
station out of anger toward mainstream radio stations.

2.        Why did you pick your DJ name?  Is there a special meaning behind it?
My DJ name was given to me by an obnoxious DJ who wrote a nasty blog about me and used the name Mr. Hard
Salsa sarcastically.  Out of spite, I decided to use the name Mr. Hard Salsa as my moniker.

3.        At what point did you realize you had enough music to pursue DJing seriously?
I was mainly a hater of Salsa music until the age of 15.  I had an accident and as a result of that accident I fell in
love with Salsa Dura and began collecting Vinyl.  By the age of 20, I had over 500 vinyl and 500 cds.  My accident
is a long story.  By 2005, I had enough Salsa music to begin my internet radio station.

4.        Name three of your favorite bands/artists of all time?
My favorite bands of all time are Joe Acosta, Fania All-Stars and Eddie Palmieri.  

5.        What qualities must a song possess in order to make it to your playlist?
I love all kinds of Salsa Dura however my main interest is mostly NY Style Salsa of the 70’s and descargas.  On my
radio shows, I do include many international Salsa bands.  My baby is NY Style Salsa.

6.        What other types of music do you like aside from this genre?
Classic Doo Wop 50’s and 60’s, Latin Soul, Boogaloo, Classic R&B and Soul, Funk, Disco, Latin Freestyle, Classic
Hip Hop and Classic House.

7.        Who are some of your favorite salsa DJs past or present?
My favorite radio DJs in the past were Symphony Sid, Joe Gaines, Dick “Ricardo” Sugar and Paquito (Paco)
Navarro.  Presently, Vicki Sola, DJ Luis Speedy Gonzalez and DJ Gury Gury are my favorite radio disc jockies.

8.        Every DJ has a bucket list of goals as a DJ – What is one of your “DJ bucket list” dreams or goals?
  • Preserve the traditional Salsa music and hope it continues for generations.
  • Punish mainstream radio for killing my Salsa music and take all their listeners away.

9.        If someone were to talk about you as a DJ, what would they say?
The haters and jealous DJs will say Mr. Hard Salsa is a jackass and a wanna-be DJ, some listeners are calling me
“The Godfather of Salsa Internet Radio.”

10.        What does being a Salsa Warrior mean for you?
Being a Salsa Warrior is about fighting for what you believe in.  It’s all about fighting for my music that is part of my
culture that mainstream radio is trying to annihilate.  In addition, fighting against payola and fighting for the support
of independent musicians.
Andres Padua
Mr. Hard Salsa
Salsa Warriors
Playing The Best Salsa On The Planet For 5 Years!
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