Monica Dobroiu (DJ Monik)
Brasov, Romania
1.        What or whom inspired you to become a salsa DJ?
The moment in need, I`d rather say and the love for the music! In 2006 when I started to take salsa classes,
back then the salsa community in Romania was pretty small and with it also the culture for latin music. I
remember at our local socials, the music we used was on only 3 or 4 CDs that we repeat weekly. Everyone was
happy but somehow we had to progress. I`ve always been in love of latin dances and it`s music so I started to
collect more and more artists albums. And one night I wrote my own CDs and I gave them to the DJ, the dancers
seemed to liked  it  because somehow I ended up to play for the local socials at first.

2.        Why did you pick your DJ name?  Is there a special meaning behind it?
This is just my name but years ago I thought the “k” at the end it looks cool…well I`m still looking for a good one
3.        At what point did you realize you had enough music to pursue DJing seriously?
I never have enough music!  At the beginning of my DJ “career”, I have to admit that I had a small music
collection (compared to other pro DJs), but I knew what the dancers liked to listen to or make them stay on the
dance floor as long as I was spinning. I guess because as a salsa instructor, choreographer and one of those
dancers who hardly get off the dance floor, these advantages have greatly helped me to choose the right music
for the ears and soul of any salsa dancer.

4.        Name three of your favorite bands/artists of all time?
As a band, that should definitely be The Lebron Brothers as for artists, Celia Cruz, Jose Alberto “El Canario”,
Ismael Rivera.

5.        What qualities must a song possess in order to make it to your playlist?
Ritmo y sabor

6.        What other types of music do you like aside from this genre?
I`m a big fan of the oldies 60-70`s, lite rock.

7.        Who are some of your favorite salsa DJs past or present?
There are so many great DJs out there but to name the ones that I always get up and dance my feet off, would
be DJ Willy (Amsterdam) and DJ Romy (Bucharest).

8.        Every DJ has a bucket list of goals as a DJ – What is one of your “DJ bucket list” dreams or goals?
The biggest goal was to get at that level where I could please my audience.  Dream…I dream one day to get at
80 years old, still spinning using a high tech DJ gear  

9.        If someone were to talk about you as a DJ, what would they say?
I`d be curious too! 

10.        What does being a Salsa Warrior mean for you?                                                
Being a part of the team, alongside of all these amazing people and DJs, it`s a big honor for me!
It`s a beginning of a new experience where I`m happy to be able to promote in this way, this genre of music to all
the listeners in the whole world! I don`t know where this new path will lead me but I`m very anxious to find out!

Additional comments you`d like to share with your listeners:
Keep music alive! Support artists by buying their music and attend live concerts!
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Monica Dobroiu
DJ Monik
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La Rumbantela Show

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