Jaime Soler (DJ Jay Sol)
Kissimmee, Florida
1. What or whom inspired you to become a salsa Dj?

We’ll have to go back 17 years when I was teaching Salsa in NY. The students start my own collection of
danceable music. I need to mention how blessed I am to those who contributed and believed in me as a Salsa Dj
along the way.

2. Why did you pick your Dj Name? Is there a special meaning behind it?
From a young age, everyone always called me Jay for short. This gave me the idea to completely shorten and
fuse my full name to... Dj JaySol.

3. At what point did you realize you had enough music to pursue Dj’ing seriously?
Within a few years of collecting danceable latin music, i’ve realized that I had 4 disc binders (120 disc each) of CD’
s consisting of mostly Salsa, Guaguanco, Mambo, Cha-cha, plus other Genres to start my own Socials. It wasn’t
long before getting Dj equipment to slowly creating Social dances at my NY Dance School.

4. Name three of your favorite bands/artists of all time?
I have more than 3.  I will start with Willie Colon (how I first heard of Salsa)
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (the party starter !!)
and I will leave the last one blank ______ for the rest of my fav’s. ;-)

5. What qualities must a song possess in order to make it to your playlist?
It definitely must have ritmo, sabor y rumba para los bailadores ! or, the music must influence the mind and soul
of the listener.

6. What other types of music do you like aside from this genre?
As a personal mobile Dj I have learned to be open minded and appreciate the genres of all dancers I played for
so I pretty much like majority of them but at home we listen to all types of Christian music, smooth Jazz, Old
School R&B, Dance and Latin music.

7. Who are some of your favorite salsa Djs past or present?
Man, I have met a lot of great Dj’s to list. Here’s a few of those I hold dearly and respectively...Dj Rene Santiago,
Dj David Sala, Dj Harry Trinidad, “Mr. Ataca” Dj J. Antonio and of course my Dj “Daddy” Dj Woody for taking me
under his wings when I first started and helping me progress along the way, including today.

8. Every Dj has a bucket list of goals as a Dj - What is one of your “Dj bucket list” dreams or goals?
Dj bucket list???... Never thought of one... I pretty much like to go with the flow allowed by God

9. If someone were to talk about you as a Dj, what would they say?
I will ask my wife to answer this question.... lol.

10. What does being a Salsa Warrior mean for you?
I am fortunate for the opportunity to help represent alongside my fellow Dj’s of Salsa Warriors.  To be amongst a
group of devoted, experienced and engaged individuals representing the Salsa world is an absolute privilege. It is
without a doubt in my mind that you will absolutely hear what you are looking for amongst this powerhouse line-up
of Salsa Djs. You will definitely be listening

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Jaime Soler
Radio Show Title:
Ritmo, Sabor y Rumba!

Air Day and Time:
Tues 7pm ET
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