Roy Lopez
DJ Cirujano De La Salsa
Radio Show Title:
En Vivo y Grabado
Salsa Warriors
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Roy Lopez
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Playing The Best Salsa On The Planet
DJ Roy Lopez "El Cirujano De La Salsa" aired his Salsa show "En Vivo y Grabado" on Salsa
Warriors every 3rd Saturday of the month at 5:30 PM.  His show featured rare live recordings
and studio recordings from the Salsa Bands of yesteryears and contemporary Salsa Dura
bands.  Roy's last live broadcast was on August 17th 2019.  Due to his illness he was unable
to podcast his last show to his radio fans.  Below is his final broadcast of "EN VIVO Y
GRABADO."  "Always remember my brother Roy, it is not goodbye or farewell.  It's see ya until
we meet ya again in that grand reunion in paradise the Lord has prepared for us.  May God
rest that beautiful soul."  
Weeping Only Last For a Moment but Joy
Cometh in The Morning Even When Our
Loves Ones Have Departed.