Roy Lopez (DJ Cirujano De La Salsa)
New York City
1. What or whom inspired you to become a salsa DJ?

My father, Ramon Lopez, was a singer of La Sonora Puerto Rico and his 78’s introduced me to Latin Music, or
what is known as Salsa Music.  My friends where Disco street DJs, so I took up collecting and playing as a Salsa
DJ.  Dancing and women got and have kept that engine running afterward.

2.        Why did you pick your DJ name?  Is there a special meaning behind it?

DJ Cirujano De La Salsa, just me, my name, mas na

3.        At what point did you realize you had enough music to pursue DJing seriously?

Once I started DJing in the streets, eventually I was offered money to do it at local clubs.  Then through dancing
and DJing, I met Ernie Ensley, and he introduce me to all of the live music that was out there, which got me
hooked.  But for nearly 30 years, I stopped DJing, and Dancing, but since my donation at Vicki Sola, the DJ flame
has arisen again.

4.        Name three of your favorite bands/artists of all time?

Machito | Tipica ’73 | El Gran Combo

5.        What qualities must a song possess in order to make it to your playlist?

Good singing with words that speak to your heart, ritmo y swing bailable and good to great solo to help accentuate
the mood

6.        What other types of music do you like aside from this genre?

Disco, Jazz y Classical

7.        Who are some of your favorite salsa DJs past or present?

Ernie Ensley – Orchard Beach, Side Street & Tapestry
Ricky Mercado – Corso, Club Broadway & Broadway II
Rene Santiago – La Maganette, Windows over Harlem

8.        Every DJ has a bucket list of goals as a DJ – What is one of your “DJ bucket list” dreams or goals?

To be a good salsa street DJ amongst my El Barrio friends – during the 70’s - done
To get paid for playing at a club – Cerromar Casino during the late 70’s - done
To sing coro again – 108 Lounge, sit-in with Broadway y Ronnie Baro in 2012 - done
To play on radio – Vicki Sola show during 2014 - done
To accompany Joe Conzo Sr History of Latin Music sessions @Smithsonian – yet to be

9.        If someone were to talk about you as a DJ, what would they say?

Cono, he plays some serious numbers for dancing not only of the recorded music but even more so on the Live
Recording side too.  And he lets the music play, even on long Live numbers…

10.        What does being a Salsa Warrior mean for you?
Being a proud ambassador of this music that I have a strong cultural affinity with, and to assure that what I present
captures the roots of this music, so that all will know what it is, and where it comes from…

Additional comments you’d like to share with your listeners:

I attend Joe Conzo Sr. History of Latin Music classes at Hostos Community College, so that I can learn and know
the real history of our music, so that when I play music it comes at you from a solid foundation of understanding
and respect.
Roy Lopez
DJ Cirujano De La Salsa
Radio Show Title:
En Vivo y Grabado

Air Day and Time
3rd Sat @ 5pm ET
Salsa Warriors
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