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Interested in sponsoring Salsa Warriors? We’d love to work with you!
Salsa Warriors is one of the fastest growing Internet radio stations and entertainment company in New York City
with over 100K listeners worldwide.  Sponsoring Salsa Warriors is a great opportunity to expose new customers to
your business or company.  Sponsorship is a direct way that you can show your support for our musicians, our
listeners, our company, our Latin culture and our community.

Here's How You Can Help Sponsor Us.
~ CD Distributed Free To 50,000 Music Fans At Our Events ~
Be a Sponsor On This CD
This Compilation CD contains 12 new original Salsa Songs from new upcoming artists. CD will be distributed free
to all of our guests at all of Salsa Warriors events including dances, concerts, beach parties, family outings, plus
private events (weddings and more). Consumers will hear your ad first before the artist’s song begins to play.
Promote your company, products or your band to thousands of our loyal Hispanic/Latinos fans while supporting
their music and culture.  CD is schedule to be released January 2016.  Distribution will begin Feburary 2016.
These are samples ADs and Songs For Demonstration Purposes Only!
They are not actual ads and songs on The CD.
Attention Salsa Artists and Musicians:
Your music can be featured on this CD for free.  There is no cost.  In order to feature your music on this CD,
your music must be original. No cover songs.  Your music must also be in the genre of Salsa For The Dancers.  
This includes Tropical Afro-Cuban Mambo Salsa Style only.  Your music will be reviewed by The Salsa Warriors
Radio Disk Jockey Committee.
We have various advertising packages to meet your advertising needs.
Click here to view AD packages and prices.
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of your request, please contact Andres at 718-893-6939.
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